Dangerous Man's Mom
Dangerous Man's sweet old mother Agnes. She bakes apple pies, does needle point and is a black belt in jujitsu. She has been known to violently take someone out for a small infraction of her house rules (home attendant's don't last long and usually need an attendant of their own once she's through with them). She's Been known to drink a little (a raging alcoholic). She is constantly belittling Dangerous Man by telling him that he is an utter failure and is not happy with his choices especially when it comes to women. Her eccentric (violent) style of parenting is the cause of many of Dangerous Man's neurosis (all of them). A classic angry drunk also angry sober, oh shit just angry. As the story goes Dangerous's dear old dad went out for a ham sandwhich one day and never returned. There's nobody more dangerous than mom.
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